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We used Doug Lewis as our contractor for a major downstairs renovation in our early 1970’s home. Like most homes of that vintage, the rooms were small, chopped up, and had only limited lighting so rooms tended to be dim. It was a big project – taking out load bearing walls, installing beams, moving plumbing, updating electric, installing cabinetry, completely redesigning the kitchen, and in fact the entire downstairs. And it turned out wonderfully!

Doug and his team took our ideas and plans, and worked with us to not only bring them to life, but to do it so smoothly that it looked like things had always been that way! Doug and his on-site manager Rob were responsive, easy to work with, and very professional throughout the entire process. And yes, I had a tantrum or two when things hit a bump in the road, but they handled that very professionally as well, fixed the problem, and moved on. 

Every time I have someone new visit my home, I ALWAYS get compliments on different elements of my downstairs. From the countertops to the gorgeous wall of glass-front cabinetry to the redone hardwood floors, everything looks perfectly beautiful. 10/10 would recommend  again. 

– S. M., Bon Air

Doug Lewis Remodeling is a wonderful company to work with. I loved my finished product. Everyone involved in my remodel was very polite and professional. Communication is the key to making sure a big or small project goes smoothly. Doug Lewis and his team were very responsive to all my questions and concerns. I will definitely call Doug Lewis for my next project!

– B. D.

Thank you, Doug, I am absolutely thrilled with my new home custom built by the wonderful team at DLRVA. From start to finish, Doug, Heni, and the Project Manager were intentional, intuitive, thoughtful, patient, and very helpful. They knew what I didn’t know and knew how to put into words what I wanted my home to look and feel like.

Doug sat down with me and got to know me. He was interested in what my future would look like in the home that was still a dream in my heart. How did I want to feel there, what would I do there, how did I want my guests to feel there? He could pull the vision I had of what my home would look like out of my heart and pour it into the earth brick by brick. The team he assembled on my behalf were able to catch the vision I had because Doug was able to communicate it to them. Every single contractor was thorough, detailed, respectful, and genuinely excited about building my home. Each one I met handled me and my home with care from foundation to rooftop.

Doug and his team were amazingly easy to work with, friendly and warm. I heard about how stressful a custom build could be but they made it so easy. The contractors they work with were easy to get to, and were just as helpful and intuitive as the DLRVA Team. Each contractor had great recommendations from their huge selections. They not only worked with Doug but had a great relationship with him. I knew I was in good hands and trusted each of them. The project manager has an excellent spirit. His management of the construction site and the crews revealed a good leader- something very important to me. Everyone was courteous and polite. I was always greeted warmly and given an update every time I visited the site. The quality of their work was excellent!

Doug and the DLVA Team poured their hearts into my home and it made a huge difference as evidenced by the end result. The first time I walked into my new home, my heart immediately was at rest. My own port in the storm on Brickshire is HOME. God bless Doug and his team, I am finally home.

– P. C.

Doug and his team remodeled our kitchen and the end result was more than we could have hoped for! Doug and his team were friendly, responsive, and made sure that everything was perfect. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

– J. E.

We couldn’t be happier with our new floors. We bought a house that had some pretty terrible flooring, and had Doug come in and replace/refinish the floors before we moved in. He worked very hard to find a great match for the laminate to the flooring we already had, and even suggested options that would save us money when he saw them. We did have a couple of bumps getting the finishing touches completed at the end, but Doug was very responsive when I contacted him about it, and overall I would highly recommend his company. We plan to use him for other remodeling projects down the road.

– C. and TJ

Doug Lewis and his team are trustworthy, reliable, responsive and communicative!  The addition on my home was as painless as possible and looks like it was a part of the original house.  His work is top quality and performed with the same care that he would use as if it were his own home.  I have recommended Doug to many friends and neighbors and do so wholeheartedly without any hesitation.”

– L. and J.

My experience with Doug Lewis was terrific, he showed up for our scheduled appointment on time, he gave me a fast and fair estimate and within two weeks my old bathroom was gone and my sparkling new, beautiful bathroom was 100% complete. I would not think twice before using Doug for ANY project in my home. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

– J.L.

We love our new bath!!! Not only does the final product outweigh our expectations, but the process was painless. We weren’t originally planning on having a general contractor oversee the bathroom renovation, but in hindsight it was a brilliant decision. Your quote was fair, and in return we received a class A contractor overseeing every detail. Now I know who will be doing all of our home renovations.

–  E. and M.

Thank you Doug Lewis and crew! We love our new kitchen. The craftsmanship and attention to detail were outstanding. And the fact that you all brought it in below budget and completed ahead of time – was the icing on the cake. We’ve worked with a number of contractors in the past. Doug deeply impressed us. He handled our remodel as if this were his own home. Walked us through every step, from design to set up and even the final walk-through. Our old kitchen is now a dream come true!

– J. and E.

Doug’s experience at remodeling, as well as his experience for many years of interacting with clients, made this go smoothly. He made suggestions that were helpful and helped make the project a success in my eyes.

– S.M.

They did a total remodel of my kitchen. Removed a wall and worked with me on getting the cabinets I wanted. They are extremely helpful and finished the job in the way that I wanted it done. I would highly recommend them and I would definitely use them again for future projects.

– J.W.