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Storage Solutions for Everyday

People remodel for many different reasons – they feel their home is dated and they want a refresh, they need more space added on for a growing family, or they just want to increase the value of their home for resale.  Whatever the reason, almost all remodeling involves adding in some sort of storage solution.

See some creative storage solutions to help inspire your next remodel!

In the Mudroom

The mudroom is a critical place for organization and storage – this room seems to become the dropping area for so much stuff!  If you have proper systems in place, storage in the mudroom can be easy.  Built in cabinets, shelves, shoe cubbies, coat racks, and more – all of these are relatively easy updates that can truly transform your space into a functional storage haven.

Under the Stairs

We all know from Harry Potter that apparently the space under the stairs is large enough for a bedroom.  But rather than forcing someone to sleep there, why not use that space for storage.  Stairs can be remodeled into drawers, or drawers can pull out from the side.  There are millions of ways to transform this already functional feature into something even better.

 Next to the Bed

Who doesn’t like the idea of sleeping in a cozy, cavernous space?  That’s why canopies are so popular.  So, why not make built in shelves around your bed that give you that same cozy feeling while also providing super functional storage?

As  a Window Treatment

You just can’t have too many storage built-ins!  You can make a beautiful statement window wall by encasing the windows with functional storage.

Utilizing Space Above

Garages have plenty of storage, but you can maximize it even further by thinking a bit out the box.  Instead of just storing materials on the ground or on shelves, why not use the ceiling as a way to store even more.  Special shelves can be installed in your garage (or anywhere for the matter) that allow you to utilize otherwise dead ceiling space.

Classic Storage

Pantries will never go out to style.  They are simply too functional!  Make sure that you dress up your pantry with storage solutions that maximize every inch of space you have.

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