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Liven Up Your Bathroom With Fun Shower Curtains

One of the easiest ways to give a boring bathroom a lift is by adding some fun shower curtains to the decor. Fortunately, today’s selection of curtains goes way beyond a basic white sheet of vinyl. A little imagination can instantly bring the atmosphere of a dull bathroom to life and make the room a much more enjoyable space to be in; which is very important for one of the most used rooms in your home!

Fun shower curtains with an ocean theme can add interest and color to any bathroom. A curtain featuring a gathering of colorful sea creatures can complement the color scheme in your bathroom. For instance, if the tiles in your bathroom are blue, try to find a shower curtain with a dolphin, fish, or shark in a similar shade. One featuring a family of undersea red crustaceans would complement a bathroom with walls in a shade of red. Consider a shower curtain that has a design that appeals to you as well as one with colors that will enhance the appearance of your room.

Maybe you envision a curtain that goes along with a flower theme you’ve established in your bath. Luckily, there are a wide variety of curtains that display the beauty of flowers that are continually blooming. If you have a beloved collection of blue towels, wash cloths, as well as a bath mat perhaps a curtain with a subtle trail of violets would suit your tastes. Alternatively, one with a gathering of brightly colored flowers would be a striking addition to a bathroom with walls of white or yellow. There are curtains that offer flowers in a selection of colors and sizes that will please the decorative tastes of any household.

Fun curtains can also feature a favorite animal. Cats, dogs, horses, birds, and insects are just a few of the animal designs you can find on fun shower curtains.

A curtain with an animal theme is especially suitable for a child’s bath. If a child has a cat design on his or her bathroom towels, cup, and waste basket then a curtain featuring a collection of lounging cats would be a perfect addition. Within the tremendous selection of curtains that feature animal designs, you can find everything from humorous portrayals of animals to imaginative tributes to a particular animal’s beauty.

No matter what your preference is in color or design, a new fun shower curtain goes a long way to waking up a bathroom and making it a pleasant place to be in.

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