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Maximize Your Sale Value
Home Prep for Sellers

We’ve found that average home is often not in optimal condition for sale, and sellers often don’t know what home improvements to make to achieve maximum sale price. Do I paint the walls?  Change the floors?  Move furniture around?  DLR can help. We’ll save you time and money by renovating and staging your home to expedite your sale and maximize your profit.  Our services for sellers include:

  • Evaluating the condition of your home with an inspection
  • Repairing any issues found in inspection
  • Renovating, designing, and/or staging your home for a quick and profitable sale
Renovate Your Future Home – Home Prep for Buyers

If you’ve ever bought a house before, you may know that house hunting can be exhausting.  This is particularly true when you have found your dream home, but it’s missing a few important things.  Instead of passing up on that home, let us help!  We can provide you with a detailed estimate for renovations so you can close on your sale with confidence it will soon be remodeled into your complete dream home.  Our Home Prep services for buyers include:

  • Providing detailed “wish list” project estimates for your potential new home
  • Providing you and your realtor with our Easy Cost Estimator to allow you to make general estimates for potential renovations
  • Completing renovations with speed and quality once your home is purchased
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