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What to Expect When Remodeling

What to Expect when Remodeling

For those of us who have never personally lived through a remodel, we may think that renovations are like what we see on HGTV.  In Love it or List it, for example, pretty much every renovation ends up over budget and something has to be cut from the scope of work – bye bye dream space!  Or in Property Brothers the Brothers’ crew works overtime (like 24-hours-a-day overtime) to make sure the job is finished exactly on time – well, that might be unrealistic and too good to be true!

Whether illustrated overly negative or unrealistically smoothly, what we see on TV is not exactly the perfect portrayal of a real renovation.  So what’s a real renovation actually like?  A mix of the good and the bad.


Dust is inevitable in any renovation. But, thankfully, it can be contained with project preparation. By closing and coverings vents, and tarping off the remodeling space, the dust can mostly be contained in the construction zone. But still prepare for rouge dust being spread by the constant flow of workers in and out of the renovation space.



Nail guns, hammering, drilling, cutting, and more.  To make all of the amazing changes to your home, workers have to actually build things.  And, unfortunately, building things normally involves loud power tools.  On the bright side, most construction work happens during the regular work day, so you might be lucky enough to be away from your home for a bit.  If you work from home, you might want to work at a coffee shop or library for a few days if the noise becomes too much of a distraction.


Unexpected Discoveries

Once walls are opened or floors are brought down to the joists, unexpected surprises become apparent. Antiquated wiring, asbestos, rot, mold, or more may be hiding in your walls. Not to say this happens with every remodel, but be prepared for some unexpected discoveries when you are making serious changes to your home. And make sure to have the extra cash available to cover these worst case scenarios.


Budget Changes

Budget changes can be a result of the unexpected changes from above, or from your own vision for the space. Perhaps you realized once construction started that you want a built-in shelf in your living space. Or maybe you decide to go with a different flooring choice in the bathroom.  Whatever the reason, changing the scope of work will change the cost of the renovation. Be prepared for change orders and other documentation to move forward with any changes to the scope of work or the cost.


Changing Timeline

Remodeling is not an exact science.  It’s also sometimes dictated by forces outside of everyone’s control.  A snowstorm will most certainly delay the installation of a new roof.  Unexpected knob and tube wiring may require an electrician, delaying the timeline.  Your dream kitchen cabinets are on back order and will take an extra week to be delivered.   Be flexible with timing and realize that some delays are simply inevitable.


Plenty of Decisions

This can be fun for some homeowners and overwhelming for others. You get to have a say in every little decision in the remodel. Type of tile? Color of the cabinets? Type of molding? Location of the outlets? Dimmers or no dimmers on your light switches? Height of your shower head?  Your contractor can certainly advise you, but ultimately you make the final call.


Classic BathroomAn Amazing Final Product

Though their will be ups and downs of the renovation process, when your project is complete you will love it!  You’ll have the top-notch, customized space that you always dreamed of.

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