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Doug Lewis Remodeling Provides Home Staging in Richmond

What is staging?  Some people think that it means bringing furniture and decorations into a completely empty house.  That may sometimes be the case (like with new home construction or homes unoccupied for extended periods of time), but for the majority of people, staging is actually something […]

Home Improvement Ideas Richmond- Home Office Additions – Are They Wise Investments?

Everyone seems to want to work from home. It’s staggering the number of people that are starting home businesses. Yet, it’s not just about home businesses, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home either full or part time. But, how do you prepare your […]

Bathroom remodeling Ideas for Richmond

Tile Shower & Frameless Door

A clean bathroom is like a pair of new shoes – you feel refreshed and energetic as soon as you step inside. But many bathrooms are in need of some tender love and care; over time, mildew, age, and styles that went out of fashion decades before […]

Economical Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Richmond

Custom Granite Tops

Performing some renovations onto your kitchen may burn a hole in your pocket but with the right affordable kitchen remodeling ideas, you can be sure to turn your kitchen into a brand new cooking space. Generally the act of designing and remodeling depends entirely on your personal […]

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas in Richmond VA

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas in Richmond VA That Make Cooking Fun!   Outdoor kitchens are meant to be fun. After all, you are outdoors enjoying the great weather and some great food too. However, in order for your outdoor kitchen to be successful you need to be smart […]

Why Cool Kitchen Lighting is Hot > Richmond VA

The hallmark of almost all good kitchen lighting designs is the use of numerous light sources rather than relying on say just a couple of bright fluorescent strip lights. The reason is simple; kitchens are fundamentally work areas and require task lighting which typically needs to be […]

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Richmond VA

Browsing through the copious options of kitchen remodeling ideas, the chief key of attention should be the kitchen design. The design may come in assorted ideas but it depends entirely on the kitchen space available to remodel. Usually the homes of average or small kitchen sizes are […]

Advice on How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Richmond VA

Anybody who is trying to sell their house or merely trying to improve on it knows that they need to put a certain measure of money into it. Remodeling it is a serious job and can be pricey at times – but it likewise aids to step-up […]

Older Houses That Call For Remodeling Advice > Richmond VA

I live in a neighborhood filled with what real estate agents like to call “starter homes”. These are smaller houses that newlyweds and young couples typically purchase prior to having a family. The houses are old, cheap, and usually need some upgrade work done before the new […]

Cool Kitchen Gadgets for your Modern Kitchen

Most of the people love using the latest gadgets available in the market. Let it be a mobile for or an iPad, using these gadgets can help you to complete your work in the most efficient manner. Apart from the phones and laptops, there are also different […]